“I have known Attorney Dennis Levine for five years now. I was referred to him by another attorney who I had employed to prepare my Will and other estate documents. That attorney highly recommended Mr. Levine and made a point of noting that Mr. Levine was held in the highest regard.


My experience with Mr. Levine can only be described as exceptionally great. He championed my interest, my rights, my safety, my protection and my well-being through a very long and hotly contested marital dissolution where my wife and her attorneys misrepresented and manipulated the truth and the evidence to the Court and where Mr. Levine, through perseverance and painstaking work, exposed the lies and manipulations of the other side and obtained a very favorable result for me.


What touched me early in my relationship with Dennis was his caring and generosity. Knowing that I would be alone for Thanksgiving, he extended an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner with his family, so I should not feel isolated or forlorn. Not many lawyers would do that for a client – especially one the attorney hardly know. But that’s Dennis – – – compassionate and caring about his clients.


Most important to me, during the time that Dennis represented me, was the ease of access to him and the time he spent explaining things and educated me on the law and the realities of the court system. In terms of access, when I hired Dennis he provided me with his private line telephone number as well as his cell phone number and encouraged me to use them in order to reach him. And if I could not reach Dennis because he was in court or with a client, he was always prompt at returning my call. In terms of “education”, I could always count on Dennis to explain “Why?”


Mr. Levine and his staff, as a unified force, always made me feel that my back was covered – – that here were people that did more than their “job”, but were actually committed to a successful outcome as much as I was. That level of involvement in any case, in my case, far exceeded any mere “attorney-client agreement”. That was a relationship and all the levels of commitment, loyalties and passions were akin to a unified family intent on obtaining a positive result.


Let me sum things up more succinctly with yet fewer words:

I was in danger. I was wrecked.

I was fearful and unknowing.

I was being attacked and tormented by the ever darkening forces of an unthinkable evil – – and Mr. Levine was there to protect and save me. Not only was I saved. I prevailed!”


– Lawrence S.

“In 2006 I was given notice by my ex’s attorney regarding the pending divorce. I not being familiar with either the legal system or family law attorneys, I browsed a computer-generated list of supposed “Top 10” Arizona family law attorneys! I interviewed and retained one of the attorneys from this “Top 10” list. After retaining his services for only 3 months and while being dug into an even deeper rut, weakening my position, I quickly realized this attorney couldn’t care less about my situation (as we show up for a court hearing on the wrong date)!! I then dismissed him from my case and interviewed 2 other attorneys on that “Top 10” list, of which I retained another.


I myself not educated or knowledgeable in Arizona family law legalities, went along with the determinations of this “Top 10″ family law attorney’s advice. After my observing this ‘Top 10″ attorney failing to make deadlines, failing to properly prepare hearings, allowing opposing attorney usage of his devoted time in the courtroom at hearings, failing to file any pleadings regarding my numerous requests, sloppily allowing adversely harmful methods of re-titling property, and making his own decisions on issues detrimental to my position, because of either being too timid or meek to fight for my position, not even being remotely concerned about my position, the infractions went lackadaisically on and on!


Come to find out later, In my sharing of my divorce situation with some friends at a charity dinner, I was referred to Dennis Levine by one of the dinner acquaintances who said that Dennis went over, above, and beyond their expectations in their personal divorce situation.


By this time the decree had been issued and my Ex being. uncooperative with the terms ofthe decree, I then contacted Dennis to take on the post decree work, of which he did very professionally and eloquently. Through a process oftime and dealing with the legal system, judges, etc., Dennis was able to turn my situation around, fixing most of the adversities that the notorious ‘Top 10” attorney created. In my tenure of working with Dennis, I observed numerous times through his preparedness for hearings, meetings, etc, in all aspects, his knowledge of Arizona family law, his true desire to understand my case personally, intently listening to my side, and his willingness to fight for my position as he would fight for his own personal position. Dennis has proved numerous times beyond a shadow of a doubt, it.hat he is truly on any “list”, with his experience and to go the extra mile for me.


Thank you Dennis!”


-Kermit L.

“If you are looking for an efficient, effective, yet friendly (to you) attorney, then look no further! I had the very good fortune of retaining Mr. Levine for some family court matters, and could not be more pleased with how he prepared for every situation, and represented my case in court. After some years of suffering with what amounted to sub-standard lawyers — four, to be precise, before meeting Mr. Levine —it was-entirely•refreshing indeed to discover that an attorney could be so courteous, yet impactful for my cause.


Besides his wonderful support staff and the friendly easy-going office they maintain, one of the things that really made a difference for me personally was the way in which Mr. Levine stayed right on top of every required pleading, response, and reply to my adversary s actions. I never thought I would be able to say this about such matters, but there came a time when I actually looked forward to receiving my copy of our latest pre-court documentation because I knew what to expect with Mr. Levine’s correspondences: strongly-worded and to-the-point documents that met and usually exceeded everything I could hope to state. After having such bad luck choosing my lawyers in the past, what a relief such assured action brought to me!


During the times Mr. Levine represented me, I never had to wonder where my case was, what was next, or even how certain goals might be achieved. He always took the time to answer my personal visits, emails and phone calls as I had need for clarification or direction on what to prepare for next. His extensive experience, in my humble opinion (after a number of lawyers), ranks as virtually unparalleled in the Phoenix area. Even after each situation was resolved (in almost every way to my favor), Mr. Levine allowed weeks to go by, allowing me all the time needed to rest assured that all had been properly addressed through his office, both court-related and not, before ending his services for each case.


I cannot recommend the man enough. He really is one in a million, the only attorney I have ever met in whom I feel comfortable placing all my trust, really knowing that I’ve got someone in my corner who will Do The Right Thing for me, and counsel me accordingly. If you are still considering hiring an attorney, you will do no better than to go with Mr. Dennis Levine. I learned through experience; hopefully, you can save yourself thousands of dollars spent on questionable lawyers, and just do it right by choosing Mr. Levine from the start!”


-Thomas B.

“I was referred to Dennis Levine from my previous attorney. I wanted an attorney that was going to fight for my cause and not one who wanted to compromise every step of the way, regarding my children’s wellbeing.


Dennis Levine was the perfect watch dog for my case. He handled my case not only with finesse, but with the go get attitude which was required while dealing with my ex-spouse, who at every step of the way tried to fight me.


Dennis was the best attorney I could have asked for. He always took my calls or at least returned them, when he was not available, in a very timely matter. His staff was very thorough, and without a doubt, he has an excellent group of personnel working for him.


I have since gotten to know Dennis on a more personal level. He now uses my services and I am pleased to see and hear he has not changed.


I have, and will continue to recommend Dennis Levine to anyone that is looking for a Domestic Relations Attorney.”




“Dennis Levine was referred to me through an individual who was on the opposite side of him in court. Do not bring razzle dazzle and lies to a truth fight with Dennis. He was exceptionally knowledgeable in family law and well informed when it came to issues of domestic violence. He is someone who both represents you and educates you. He was very well prepared for every court case and was able to clearly convey his line of reasoning to me so that together we were able to present very strong cases and ultimately achieve our goals. His pleadings with the court clearly conveyed the end result we were seeking and the evidence backed reasons behind it.


Dennis has a staff that is very friendly and promptly answers the phone. If I needed to get a hold of Dennis he was available or his staff would let me know when he would be available. I never felt like I had to wait for a phone call or that he was unresponsive. As soon as any court documents were available, I was sent them. When he found something out pertaining to my case, I found out. The atmosphere of his office is very relaxed. It is a place where you can focus on the issues at hand.


Dennis was actually the second lawyer I went to when I first started my odyssey through divorce which started with an order of protection hearing. The first lawyer asked me, “What could I have done so that (my ex) would not have done what she did?” When I went to Dennis and told him what my ex had done he rattled off a number of things my ex could have done differently. I immediately hired him. Any counselor will tell you “You are responsible for your behavior.” And with Dennis, my ex was held responsible for hers.


With 50/50 custody, no child support, no alimony, and the right of first refusal, Dennis has achieved what couples with less drama often fail to achieve: a divorce with minimal impact both emotionally for the child and financially for the parents.”


“If you are looking for a lawyer with a “go get him attitude,” Dennis is definitely your guy! I cannot thank him enough for all of the work that he has done in my custody cases. I was referred to Dennis by a family member, and from the day of original consult I could tell that Dennis was extremely passionate about his work. I have retained Dennis for two different custody cases in the last 5 years. Dennis has many years experience in family law allowing him to quickly put together well thought out and supported pleadings. Throughout each case, I was educated and informed regarding all the details of the case. Dennis has a creative approach to law which he uses to make recommendations to clients in order to achieve their desired outcome. I was not only impressed that Dennis remembered even the smallest details of my cases with multiple other clients at the time, but he was always more prepared for court. For each court appearance, Dennis would arrive wheeling a suitcase of documents behind him. He would say, “you never know what the judge will ask for, and you always need to be prepared.” His I paperwork was organized so well even someone as OCD as myself could appreciate it. I also could not forget the staff that supports Dennis. Being a small office you get to know Dennis’ assistants quite well. Anita has been with Dennis for many years in his own practice, so they work together effectively. Not only would I recommend Dennis to my friends, I already have made several referrals for his services.”



“I am the mother of two teenage daughters. After 19+ years of marriage in which we endured years of abuse, it was past time to end the pain and suffering. Sadly, divorce proceedings were underway with an attorney that later proved to be rather dissatisfying to me. I constantly felt that attorney was not looking out for my best interests or the best interest of my daughters in any area. My case involved documented abuse and I had been reassured that we would be protected during the process. Unfortunately, that was not the case. The fact that abuse occurred was not adequately presented to the judge, my case exploded into a nightmare resulting in the judge signing the decree without addressing the substantiated abuse that was presented to her.


By this point, I began searching for new representation. Per the recommendation of a close friend experiencing the same turmoil as myself, I was introduced to Mr. Levine. Based on my interview with Mr. Levine; also conducted with my parents, I was immediately reassured that hiring Mr. Levine was the right choice.


Mr. Levine was stunned by the details of my case and disturbed by the obvious lack of attention being weighed on the repeated trauma endured by my daughters and me. Mr. Levine explained his strategy with trying to reverse the damage that was already done, but informed us it was going to be a long haul starting from six feet under to get to the top.


Mr. Levine referred me to an expert in domestic violence in San Diego, CA. The expect confirmed the findings of the previous mental health professionals that the children and I had experienced abuse and that the children still being traumatized, Mr. Levine is highly knowledgeable in domestic violence and the effects it has on women and children. His strategy to readdress the abuse with the courts and reiterate my former husband’s admissions of abuse only brought about more confidence that I made the correct decision in hiring Mr. Levine.


I was not just another client but a partner in every aspect of my case. Mr. Levine insisted on and welcomed my involvement in preparing my case. For the first time I fruly felt I was being defended, listened to and protected. Mr. Levine was always well-prepared for court. He even prepared me as much as he could. Mr. Levine has been genuinely aggressive and passionate in the representation of my case. Even when it came to the depositions, he would not tolerate my former husband’s attorneys’ inappropriate and abusive behavior towards me. At no time had I encountered this type of assertive representation. If I ever had any question when Mr. Levine was not available there was always an open door policy to ask his paralegal, Anita. I have always been treated with the utmost respect, friendliness and courtesy when seeking the assistance of Mr. Levine’s staff. I have a deep admiration and respect for everyone in the office and think of them more than just those individuals who help Mr. Levine.


Although it has been a long road with many ups and downs, Mr. Levine has taught me some valuable lessons. First, he respected me as in individual, woman and mother. Second, he encouraged me it was time to take control of my life. By eliciting my help in my case, I soon began to grow and become empowered in myself. Although, I was taking other classes to heal the withered woman I had become, Mr. Levine helped me grow in the legal area. Third, He encouraged me to remain strong while preparing for and being in court. These lessons have been woven into my everyday lifestyle. I can hold my head high to fight for what I believe in and overcome the effects of the abuse I have endured. I have been able to be a better example to my daughters by helping them overcome come the effects of the abuse and providing them tools so they will not allow the abuse cycle to continue throughout their lives. I can honestly say that Mr. Levine has been an important part of our lives.


It is with sincere gratitude that I write this testimonial for Mr. Levine. I truly believe had Mr. Levine been my attorney from the onset of my divorce, my daughters and I would not have had to endure the suffering we have.He is an aggressive, caring, passionate attorney.Therefore, I highly recommend Mr. Levine for your family law needs.”



“In June of 2001 it became necessary for me to obtain the legal services of Dennis P. Levine P.C. I found it necessary to sue for divorce. With three children and possessions from a lifetime of hard labor serving the U.S. Navy I wanted exceptional help with my problem. I asked my friends fora reference and the best turned out to be Mr. Levine.


During the ensuing years Mr. Levine provided excellent service for me. He and his staff kept my informed and returned all my calls promptly. He filled our pleadings in a timely manner. At no time did I worry about his work and performance. With his excellent efforts I was able to keep the family home and my children in it. This continuation of their lifesty e helped my children adjust to the new family arrangement.


With my experience with Mr. Levine, I have no reservation in recommending him to anyone that is entering the ugly world of divorce, custody or children’s issues. His expertise keeps the stress and strains to a minimum.”




Michael W.

“My experience with Dennis Levine and his staff was an extremely positive experience. Their office is relaxing and made me feel right at home. The staff felt like family in the way they genuinely cared about me and my needs. You can tell when talking to Dennis that he is very experienced and knowledgeable. He knew what questions to ask me and always answered my questions to my satisfaction along with giving much appreciated advice. When not in his office, I always felt that I could call and ask him questions or ask for his advice. Dennis was always a step ahead with correspondence to me or the court. He is a caring, kind person, on top of being an incredible attorney. I still, to this day, know that I can call his office and either he or one of his staff is always there to help and offer their support. I would highly recommend Dennis Levine to anyone needing his services.”


-Christie W.

“I appreciate all that you have done for me. Please do not hesitate to use the following recommendation for your practice:


For many years (8+) I have worked with Mr. Levine’s son, Ben, at an automotive dealership located in Scottsdale. Throughout the years I have seen Mr. Levine come into the dealership for service but had no knowledge that he was an attorney.


Along the way T found myself in a position where I needed some legal advice regarding a possible divorce. Not only did I contact Mr. Levine but several other attorneys as well. After careful consideration, I chose to hire Mr. Levine. I must admit that Mr. Levine’s mild manner concerned me because I wanted someone who would “go for the throat.” I worked too many years and had too much to lose. Needless to say, everything went very smoothly during the final process, I must say that Mr. Levine’s mild manner in the office totally changed during the legal process and I finally saw the lawyer-side. Mr. Levine takes no static from other attorneys and always controls the situation from beginning to end. He is very patient and totally concerned about his clients.


As far as fees, Mr. Levine’s are within the standard realm, but a little on the higher end. However, the old saying is “you get what you pay for.” I would estimate that he saved my home, life and peace of mind, I call Mr. Levine, “my Johnny Cochran,” and would not only recommend him as an attorney but also as a good friend.”


-Don B.

“Since 1988 we have had several occasions to seek your professional assistance. Each incident was handled successfülly and with the greatest discretion and professionalism on your part and that of your staff. Your advice has always helped us reach successful solutions to our problems. For this we are eternally grateful.


We have been more than pleased to recommend your services to our family and friends. We will continue to do so in the future.


Your positive attitude and friendship has contributed greatly to our association with you and your staff.


When we come to your office we are always greeted by the wonderful dogs which always puts us in a good mood.”


-Suzanne S.

“Thank you so much for all your help and legal advice. Your expertise and understanding of Cara’s situation in this divorce has been eye opening for her and us as parents. Something wonderful has happened to Cara; and you have helped in giving her a newfound confidence in herself. How can I, as her father ever thank you for that.”


– Charles P.

“Words could not express how thankful we are to you for what you did for us! When we came to you last year we were literally on the last hope with every aspect of this battle. You restored our hope our hearts and our will to fight for this little girl. We would have done anything to win this battle for her and we finally felt like we found someone who was willing to do the same! This adoption victory has changed not only our lives but also Dailyn’s life and my entire family. You will always have a special place in our hearts, and we will never forget how hard you helped us battle for the most important thing in our life “our little girl”!”

Thank you Sincerely,
– Mike and Tiffany

“We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the work you did to win this case. This picture was taken after we won the case. Amanda now has her braces on + both girls are carrying A’s and B’s in school. They are truly happy. Thank you again.”

– Cynthia