Personal Injury (Auto Accident)

Personal injury is a legal term for injuries that are caused by another party’s misconduct.
The typical personal injury claim arises from a motor vehicle collision. In a typical personal injury case, a claim is made against the other parties insurance carrier. Once treatment is complete, a package is prepared including of the incident report, medical bills, medical records, and a statement of lost income (if applicable). A demand is made for a sum certain.
If a negotiated settlement cannot be reached, then a lawsuit must be filed to recover the injured party’s damages including, but not limited to, compensation for pain and suffering, mental and emotional distress, medical expenses, lost income as well as anticipated future pain and suffering, future mental and emotional distress, future medical expenses, and future lost income. Often these claims include recovery of monies for property damage or property loss. In some instances the party at fault is uninsured and it is necessary to make an adverse claim against your uninsured motorist coverage if available.

Our fees are lower than most law firms’ fees which are typically 33 ⅓ percent. In most cases, we collect only 25% on the total recovery with no charge for recovering funds for property damage or loss.