Parenting Time (Visitation)

Arizona law refers to visitation as “parenting time.” When there are minor children in divorces, legal separations, annulment actions, and paternity actions, decision-making and parenting time are typically at the forefront. Arizona mandates in most cases that parents have frequent and meaningful contact with their children and the current statutes says

Consistent with the child’s best interests in §25-403 and §§25-403.03, 25-403.04 and 25-403.05, the court shall adopt a parenting plan that provides for both parents to share legal decision-making regarding the child and that maximizes their respective parenting time.

The family law courts in Phoenix and statewide prefer whenever possible to keep both parents involved in the children’s lives in light of the fact that the children can benefit from spending time with both the mother and the father. However, maximizing parenting time does not always equate to equal parenting time. In cases involving significant domestic violence, chronic drug abuse, and chronic alcohol abuse, the Court will often restrict or limit parenting time to the abusive or abusing parent.