Child Support

In most child custody cases, there will a determination of child support based upon the Arizona Child Support Guidelines.The total support approximates what the parents would have spent on the child if they were living together as one family. Under the guidelines’ shared income model, each parent contributes a proportionate share of his and her income. If one party is not employed or is working below his or her capacity, the Court has the ability to attribute an income to that party based upon his or her ability to earn. The amount of support to be paid is calculated by considering a number of factors, including the parents’ gross incomes, cost of health care, day care expenses, the number of children residing in the home, support of other children not common to the parties, extraordinary expenses for the child, and the number of days a parent spends with the child. The obligation to pay child support is primary and other financial obligations are secondary.

You can find the Arizona Child Support Calculator here: